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En las entrañas de la Sierra Madre Oriental y en medio de un prodigioso escenario boscoso, se encuentra el famoso Cañón de Matacanes el cual nos regala una experiencia única en donde podrás experimentar la disyuntiva de saltar o quedarte dónde estás; sentirás la emoción de fluir con el río, saltando a pozas de aguas color azul turquesa y adentrándote en la exploración de dos increíbles cuevas formadas por el correr del agua a través del tiempo. Ahí apreciaremos las formaciones naturales tipo regaderas por las cuales se filtra el agua del río, y que dan su nombre a este legendario recorrido: Matacanes. Durante la travesía realizaras 2 Rapeles, te deslizaras por toboganes naturales y harás infinidad de saltos a las espectaculares pozas que se encuentran a lo largo del recorrido. 
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Intermediate: this route is apt for people with little experience in hiking, the route involves walking in paths, between stones and can have down climbing. Although this can be your first adventure trip is necessary that you have the ability to move mountain terrain. All our routes includes rappel course. GOOD phisycal condition is required and no one with overweight will be admitted.

Gear included

  • Helmet
  • Harnes
  • Rappel System
  • Life Vest
  • Wet-suit
  • Ropes
  • Guide Gear: Contingencies and First Aid Kits

  • Each participant will be responsible of the gear provided, and will have to be carried in your own backpack when it is not in use.
    Lost gear should be payed as new.

    Service Information


  • Zone: Potrero Redondo Santiago, Nuevo Leon, MEXICO
  • Age: 12 - minors should be acompanied by a parent
  • Estimated time from the starting point: 8 hr
  • Time to get from meeting to starting point: 3 hr
  • Activities Period: 2 days
  • Nights: 1
  • Clothes

  • Dry-fit or cotton shirt
  • Long licra bottom
  • Bring some shorts to protect Lycra and neoprene
  • Jeans or heavy duty fabric short (long pants will be very heavy when wet)
  • Socks (two pairs can be used to tighten the shoe)
  • New tennis (no open shoes, this is to protect your feet inside the water)
  • Dry change of clothes for the end of the trip
  • On trips with transportation, you'll need a sweater, windbreaker and a cap.
  • No jewerly
  • No luxury watches
  • No cellular phone (you can leave it on the vehicle)
  • No shaded glasses
  • Contact leneses with swiming gogles only
  • Lenses with tightening cord only.
  • Dry clothes to change your wet chothes
  • Bag for wet clothes

  • All personal articles can be left on the vehicle during the trip.


    Groups can be made 6 people minimum. In case of not being able to form a group, you will have to make reservations with a full payment of the tour and wait to be assigned to one of the groups formed by other people. If you can't be assigned, you'll be refunded. You may ask for VIP groups with no minimum persons and guides will be assigned exclusively for you including all meals, transportation from airport, cabins and hotel nights.

    Recomendations before the trip

  • No intense activities the one or two days before the trip.
  • No alcohol drinking the night before.
  • Be well hydrated.
  • Eat well (healthy).
  • Be well rested.
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    Service Tabs

    Colon 11, Col. los Rodriguez, Santiago Nuevo león

    To get there, take national road towards Linares Monterrey approx. km 256 , opposite the colony Barrial ( return to ranch tec ) , take the side as if you were to go back and turn left to enter the colony Rodriguez , as referenced in the entrance there is a gas station and Oxxo, continuous inward of the colony, the street that you enter is called 4 Caminos, then you turn right and take Benito Juarez’s street,  keep going  and continue along Benito Juarez to Calle Angel Fernandez which were turning to the left ( immediately after passing the princess garden inn  ) after 100 meters before you get into the river  take right  tha’s colon  street, at the very end you will see  Emotion Team  Operations Center ( 81 ) 1157.320

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