Pozo del gavilan y laguna de labradores

English // Class: 4 A III

Pozo de Gavilán en Galeana NL un lugar místico que tienes que conocer!!!! 

Con 80 metros de profundidad y 60 m diámetro,  es un cenote ubicado en Galeana, por el cual bajaremos a rapel, es un rapel increíble ya que vas suspendido en el aire, únicamente colgado de la cuerda, obviamente con la seguridad que Emotion Team te ofrece, una vez que llegues al fondo del cenote, llegaras a su poza azul turquesa y podrás hacer un poco de kayac para explorar todo lo que hay a al rededor incluida una cueva, sin duda tienes que hacerlo, después subirás por la cuerda de nuevo a la superficie, no lo pienses, solo has que suceda!!!
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All year, but it is highly recommended from autum to spring. Summer is very hot.


Advanced: this route requires experience in hiking and rappel, the route involves walking in paths, between stones and can have down-climbing. This cannot be your first excursion with Matacanes® we recommend a trip with a lower level of difficulty before you can make this one with us. EXCELLENT phisycal condition is required and no one with overweight is admitted.

Gear included

  • Helmet
  • Harnes
  • Rappel Devices
  • Ascending Devices
  • Ropes
  • Guide Gear: Contingencies and First Aid Kits

  • Each participant will be responsible of the gear provided, and will have to be carried in your own backpack when it is not in use.
    Lost gear should be payed as new.

    Gear you should bring (Not incluided)

  • BackPack to carry your gear, food and drinks
  • Biking gloves to protect your hands
  • Sun Block, to protect the canyons please dont use it

  • Service Information


  • Zone: Galeana, Nuevo León, MEXICO
  • Age: 12 - minors should be acompanied by a parent
  • Estimated time from the starting point: 36 hr
  • Time to get from meeting to starting point: 4 hr
  • Activities Period: 2 days
  • Nights: 1
  • Tour Challenges

  • Rappels: 1
  • Clothes

    1. For you who stayed on night before to do Matacanes with   Emotion Team (Joke) bring a sleping  or blankets per person 

    2. Personal Care

    3. For the canyon:  you will wear wetsuit, so we recommend to have a tights at the bottom, on top bring a shirt dri fit, they may be comfortable to walk with the neoprene in the waist  while you get into the water. If it has something DriFIT thin synthetic fabric (no cotton) in the bottom can be underwear if they have tights or you can wear shorts also.

    4. VERY IMPORTANT tennis to have some grip down in the sole,  socks covering the ankle (not small tines), (not smooth tennis sole, not Converse, not Puma) and not  very old, since you are likely to open in the first rappel.

    5. Bring energy bars to halfway and / or chocolates also can bring ones to the guides : )

    6. It is recommended to bring  waterproof camera, maybe will take some pictures, but our main job is to take care of you, so that our priority :)

    7. After the canyon you may want to change your wet clothes so bring dry footwear and dry chothing  (this dry clothes left in the van so you  can be changed until the end).

    8. Swimsuit if you want to swim in the pool  ant bring a towel.


    10. In the Hotel Spa there is no WIFI :) so you can talk amongst yourselves.

    11. Garbage is yours do not let the canyon !!!

    12. Your lenses must tie them with string, or not take them.

    13. WOMEN please bring with you Hair leagues

    All personal items that can not be wet remain in the vehicle during the tour


    Groups can be made 6 people minimum. In case of not being able to form a group, you will have to make reservations with a full payment of the tour and wait to be assigned to one of the groups formed by other people. If you can't be assigned, you'll be refunded. You may ask for VIP groups with no minimum persons and guides will be assigned exclusively for you including all meals, transportation from airport, cabins and hotel nights.

    Recomendations before the trip

  • No intense activities the one or two days before the trip.
  • No alcohol drinking the night before.
  • Be well hydrated.
  • Eat well (healthy).
  • Be well rested.
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    Service Tabs

    The meedting point will be at the Wal-Mart Las Torres commercial center in Monterrey, NL. To get to this point from down town Monterrey, take Eugenio Garza Sada avenue to the south all the way until you meet the Lazaro Cardenas avenue. At this commercial center you´ll find a Sam´s and a Vip´s restaurant. We´ll be at the front of the Vip´s.